Can You Get Stretch Marks From Losing Weight?

How can you get stretch marks from losing weight? Is this a common problem? Yes it is. There are four ways you can prevent that:

1)      Rub bio oil into the area that shows signs of unwanted skin accumulation

2)      Heat therapy

3)      Sauna

4)      Slow down the process of your weight loss manually

Any major weight gain may mean stretching of several parts of the body. This then leads to the occurrence of reddish lines which later become white. These are oftentimes seen on the abdomen, breast, shoulders, thighs, buttocks and back of the knees. This is what we all know as stretch marks. Since stretchmarks don’t go away easily, they remain even if you lose weight. So yes, losing and gaining weight can cause stretchmarks This is nothing new in the world of medicine so that is why cures are available.

We will focus on number 4 and teach you how to slow down your weight loss for two weeks without stalling I or completely messing up your perfect diet plan.

How can you get stretch marks from losing weight too fast?

Basically, you get these weird looking bumps on your skin. These bumps are small areas where your excessive skin accumulates. There are two reasons why this happens

a)      genetics

b)      your age

You might have inherited this unwanted feature from your ancestors or you are older than 18. After the age of 18 the body starts losing those enormous amounts of collagen it had in the growing phase. Men see this phenomena as the receding of the hairline while women often see this on their palms as they stop being soft.

In order to slow down you weight loss without sacrificing your results you have to be really careful. Do not eat more. Many people think that they will slow down they weight loss if they start eating unhealthy food and disproportioned meals. This will not help. There are four golden rules you must follow to avoid stretch marks caused by rapid weight loss:

  1. change your cardio exercise into yoga classes
  2. eat two slices of bread every day between noon and 8 PM whenever you like
  3. drink lots of water
  4. Sleep 7 hours a day

People often wonder if the last rule means you must not sleep longer and the answer is yes. Try to limit yourself to 7 hours of sleep every day for two weeks. Do not go under the 7 hour mark, 6 hours of sleep will not do. You will feel exhausted and depressed. Count that out. If you have any additional questions you would like to have answered about the four golden rules you can write a comment below or if you want a quicker response you can always go on facebook and find us there. We will be more than happy to help you out.

How can you get stretch marks from losing weight if we all know that you an only get them from gaining weight?

You should never mix these two up. When you gain weight your skin expandes quickly since it is forced to adjust itself. But when you lose a substantial amount of pounds you get the loose look of the skin dripping down your body, Saggy skin is a completely different thing than stretched skin due to weight gain.

Let us look what others think of stretch marks: gives a pretty broad definition of the problem:

Stretch marks are often prominent in the buttocks, breasts, thighs, hips and arm areas. They also appear on men, and effect people of any age. There is also a genetic factor which can be involved, as well as diet and hydration levels. Skin needs certain vitamins and nutrients, and if your diet isn’t adequate your skin wont be as resilient. Basically if your skin is low in elastin or collagen, you will be more prone to having them appear. If someone is losing weight quickly and not doing an appropriate amount of exercise, the tissue stretches and breaks, resulting in crack like lines. If you do sufficient exercise then the skin will more likely tighten without stretching.

Although it has never been proven, some people believe that skin tone or color effects predisposition to stretch marks. Those who think this way say the fairer the complexion, the less resilient the skin. Although very costly, laser surgery is available to repair their damage. If you visit your local drug store, you will be overwhelmed by the number of creams and micro-beaded gels there are claiming they can heal tell tale signs of stretching. Do your research before rushing in to buy one which may not have proven results.

You want a cream that has the right ingredients. Popular stretch mark cream should have vitamin E, collagen and possibly cocoa butter. There are many devoted users of these methods who claim it really works. states the obvious:

How do you get rid of stretch marks naturally? For most people, stretch marks are a part of life. A stretch mark, or striae, forms when skin pushes out past normal boundaries. There are many formulas that promise to eliminate stretch marks. The fact is that once a stretch mark surfaces, it is there to stay. You can’t ever totally remove the mark, but you can fade it.

Stretch Marks

The skin is made up of a network of connective fibers. When skin stretches, indentations form on the web and make a mark. Your skin can stretch for several reasons. Pregnancy, weight gain, and increased muscle mass can all contribute to developing stretch marks. Hormone changes also play a role; for example, cortisone is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands. Excess cortisone will weaken the elastic fibers that support skin structure and cause stretch marks.

You can get additional helpful tips in these two videos:

Try to follow all of the rules stated here and you will see visible results in one month. The transition will be slow, the first sign will be fading, you can see it by the change of color to white-ish. The other stage is skin formulating itself, this means it will get its elasticity back and the stretch mark will not show as much. Sadly, you cannot completely get rid of stretch marks without using laser surgery. But all these natural ways cost a lot less and can be implemented on any type of skin.

Leave a comment of your experience with stretch marks and how you deal with it. Like this page if you find any of the information given useful. Now, it is time to start using all these methods. Take car of all those stretch marks and get rid of them for good.

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