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Why Does Drinking Hot Water Help You Lose Weight?

Why exactly does drinking hot water help you lose weight? There are two facts you should know about this:

1)      Water fills up your stomach making you less hungry and limiting the dangers of snacking between meals

2)      Hot water regulates your bowl movement. You will use the bathroom more often and lose weight by doing this.

First point is focused on the main atribute that water has which makes it so popular for diet plans: it makes you feel full. You will not have the need to eat more, you will be carrying a few gallons of water in your stomach for the whole day and go to the restroom more often but all this to your own good. You will instantly stop stuffing your face with snacks. Meals should be regular and have no snacks between them. Remember this and you will do great.

The second point interacts with the plain anatomical feature of your body. Your digestive system will be faced by warm water, it will work and since water does not have any nutritional value you will be safe since your body will be processing water and not fat. This will disturb the body which means that it will be still burning calories while you are short supplying it. It will not go into »save everything« mode.

How does drinking hot water help you lose weight?

It all revolves around regular drinking habits. Here is a time table for you if you want to be precise:

  • 6.30-7.30 AM15 OZof water
  • 7.30-8.30 AM20 OZof water
  • 10.00-11.30 AM20 OZof water
  • 1. 00-2.30 PM15 OZof water
  • 4.00-5.30 PM10 OZof water
  • 7.00-8.30 PM5 OZof water

At the end of the day you should be able to brag around that you drank85 OZof warm water which is not an easy task. That is approximately 2 and a half litres of warm water. If this would be cold water or room temerature water you should be able to drink twice as much in one day. What is important for you is to stay between the limits.

People who suffer from bladder problems and/or incontinency can modify this diet plan to their individual needs. If they feel they cannot rise to the challenge they can adjust the volume of the water they drink until they feel comfortable.

Now, the moment you have all been waiting for. RESULTS: Up to4 pounds a week. Results will be visible in three days of strict dieting and cardio exercises for 90 minutes every day in the morning. It is recommended to cut the diet short if you start noticing bladder failure or drowsiness. This means you have put too much pressure on your body and it needs some rest. Discontinue the diet for two weeks or as long as you do not feel your good old self again.

So, does drinking hot water help you lose weight? It sure does. You just have to knwo when to drink it, when to exercise and when to stop and take a break.

Lets go see what others think of this same diet plan:

Livestrong tells it like it is:

Water is a negative-calorie beverage. It delivers zero calories yet uses calories to process. Drinking an 8-oz. glass of warm water burns about eight calories, with cool and cold water burning slightly more, according to celebrity personal trainer Bill Phillips. Although eight calories per glass doesn’t sound like much by itself, that adds up to hundreds of calories per week at the recommended eight glasses per day.

Snack Prevention

The diet resource website Weight Loss for All reports that drinking water can help fight snacking, hunger and food cravings. It recommends drinking a glass of water as a first response to any kind of eating impulse. This fills your stomach with a zero-calorie substance, helping you feel full until your allowed eating time. Although Weight Loss for All makes no distinctions concerning temperature, fitness coach Ben Cohn suggests that warm water often tastes worse than cold water and may further reduce your appetite.

On the same page you can find further informative material, even a sceptical research:

Thermogenesis refers to the heat or energy produced in the body during digestion, absorption and transportation of nutrients, according to the Rowett Research Institute. In a study published in the “Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism” in 2003, researchers found that drinking 500 ml—or about 2 cups—of water increased metabolic rate by 30 percent. About 40 percent of the thermogenetic effect resulted from warming the water from 22 to 37 degrees Celsius, or 71.6 to 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Since the publication of that study, researchers of another study published in the same journal in 2007 questioned the claims about water’s thermogenetic abilities. They found that drinking water at room temperature did not increase energy expenditure and concluded that the results cast doubt on water having thermogenetic benefits for people struggling with obesity. However, the previous study indicated that a significant amount of the thermogenetic benefit came from warming the water 15 degrees above room temperature.

Here is another bone to chew on, a clip that gives some inside information about the use of water in diet plans:

Now that you know how does drinking hot water help you lose weight it is up to you to put it to test. Let us know your opinion and results you get. If you ahve any further questuons about this or any other diet plans available on you can always leave a comment below or contact us on facebook and twitter. Your weight loss is our inspiration so let us know which modifications you made or how fast you achieved your goal weight. Subscribe now and begin your journey towards health and happiness with our free book.

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